The Library

The library of College, the fountain of knowledge and inspiration, enjoys the reputation of being one of the premier college libraries in the vicinity of Kharghar (New Mumbai).The library was established in 2010- 2011 with the inception of the college. It is located on the first floor and made easily accessible from all sides of the college premises. It has a carpet area of about 3396Sq.Ft.Complete catalogue of the library holdings has been created by using e-Granthalaya version library software. Online Public Access Catalogue (Web-OPAC) is provided to the users. Students are using the OPAC extensively for searching the required books and journals.The library is connected with the LAN and an integrated Web-OPAC of the holding is made available to all users. Books on inter library borrowing are provided to the students and teachers on demand. Computers of all the libraries on the campus are connected to the central server. Local hub is provided in library for speedy communication of data.The unique feature of the library is that its catalogue can be accessed from any part of the world through Web-OPAC.

The library has a privilege of using 10 Mbps Internet leased line. Library is proud to provide online access facility to the students and faculty members to the reputed commercial Journals. From the library is issuing Barcoded Identity Card to all learners, staff and external members of the library. The separate workstation for Barcoded card generation has been created in the Library.

Library Services and Facilities

  • Circulation
  • News paper clipping
  • Bibliographic compilation
  • Reference / referral serv
  • Reprographic/ Xerox
  • Printing on Request
  • Selective dissemination of information service (SDI)
  • Library link on college website
  • User / library orientation program
  • Resource sharing service / Inter library borrowing
  • Set of syllabus and question paper

Infrastructure & Learning Resources

Total Built-up Area of the Central Library in Sq.m

Sr. No. Particulars Area in Sq. m.
1 Library 1121.76
2 Digital Library 368.62
3 Periodical & Journal 371.10
4 Reading Room (Boys) 768.40
5 Reading Room (Girls) 765.90
Total 3396 (315.4987 Sq. Mt.)

Library Advisory Committee

The Committee supervises the overall functioning of the library and looks into details such as policy matters and subject-wise fund allocation. The Library Committee meets periodically in a year and informal meetings of the members are held as and when required. The Committee also meets the Principal to seek his approval and guidance as far as important Library issues are concerned; following are the members of Library Advisory Committee for the academic year 2017-2018.

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Prin. Dr. S. T. Gadade Chairman
Mr. Sharadkumar Shah Vice- Chairman
Mr. Pravar Sharma Co Ordinator
Mrs. Smita Raut Member
Mrs. Maheshwari Zirpe Member
Mrs. Padmapriya Devnathan Member
Mrs. Anjali Paulastye Member
Mr. Mahesh Dhaigude Member
Miss. Sujata Gharat Member
Mr. Vaibhav Zagade Member Secretary

Working Hours

Monday to Saturday - 8.30am to 5.00pm

During examination period the Reading Room of the library is kept open as per exam schedule.

Staff And Work Allocation

The work is rotated among the staff and they are expected to work in different sections depending on the need, workload, leave positions and administrative reasons.

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Total Collection in Library

Sr. No. Particulars Total Collection
No. Amt.
1 Books 11537 1456452.00
2 Text Books 7600 1021373.00
3 Reference Books 3736 403552.00
4 General Reading Books 201 31527.00
5 Journals 33 57685.00
6 Magazines 10 57685.00

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